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Email Template Design Service

Access on-brand, tailor-made templates for your email communication requirements. Connect with a skilled email design team proficient in crafting expert email templates, eliminating the burdensome tasks associated with successful email marketing.

Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in NYC

From internal communications to responsive email templates — simply Superside it.

Emails remain a crucial form of business communication, and having top-notch email templates is essential. We enhance email performance by providing eye-catching, world-class designs for our customers’ templates. Our expert emailer designers create effective and attractive templates for various communication needs. These designs are included in our Email Design solutions, available through various subscription plans.

Emailer Design Company

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What makes our Email Design services different?


What sets our Email Design services apart is a perfect blend of creative innovation, strategic engagement, and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your emails not only stand out visually but also resonate powerfully with your audience.

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From The Client:

Potential Digital has surpassed expectations, enabling me to concentrate on other facets of business development. They efficiently manage end-to-end campaigns, including creative tasks, product uploading, and both SEO and Paid Media, demonstrating effectiveness throughout.

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From The Client:

Being a Fintech startup, we sought a SAAS SEO agency through Google search. Impressed by their handling of tasks, ability to instill trust and confidence, we proceeded to sign a 3-year contract with them to manage our Digital Marketing Campaign.

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We initiated collaboration with Potential Digital in 2014, and today, they serve as an integral extension of our IT and outsourcing team. All our IT and digital marketing tasks are outsourced to them.

In a landscape filled with crowded inboxes and swift unsubscribes, the demand for compelling email content and visually stunning, distinctive designs is paramount for a flourishing business.

Curious about what our Email Design Services include?


We’ve collaborated with numerous companies worldwide, creating diverse email designs.Our commitment to excellence and versatility has made us a trusted partner for businesses seeking impactful and customized email design solutions.

Our Core Features


A platform that assists action-takers in bypassing the design waiting list.

Unique Team of Global Experts

Access a flexible creative team consisting of world-class specialists with experience in renowned brands.

Delivery within 12 to 48 hours if necessary.

Whether it's for next week or the next day, simply inform Potential Digital about your requirements and timeline.

Effortless Communication: Fully Managed

Once you submit your brief, handle feedback and revisions seamlessly using built-in chat, email, or Slack.

Reasonable subscription pricing

Potential Digital is 30% more cost-effective than agencies or the all-inclusive expenses of hiring in-house.

Aligned with your brand and business.

Potential Digital familiarizes itself with your workflows, brand, audience, and objectives to guarantee quality and consistency.

Tailored for Expansive Enterprise Teams

A ready-made solution crafted for today's enterprises, prioritizing scale, security, and confidentiality.

Share your requirements for email template design with us.


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Make an Impression with Personalized Email Templates Design

Boost your email campaign performance with custom templates, compatible with 50+ email software . Our extraordinary email design services are tailored for maximum impact and conversions, regardless of your Emailer design Service Provider.

Our Email Design Process is Straightforward and Fast.


Your First Step Towards Digital Success

1. Share the Key Details

Submit your email design idea or design brief.

2. Review and Create

Our team manually codes your design and tests the file.

3. Email Service Provider Integration

We integrate your email with your preferred ESP for a ready-to-send solution.

4. Final Delivery

Receive the perfected HTML file, email client test report, and checklist within 8 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our emailer design services? You might find the answers you seek right here. However, if you don’t, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with the information you’re seeking.

What is Email Template Design?

An email template serves as a preset layout for emails, containing images or text. It proves beneficial when sending similar or repetitive emails, eliminating the need to create them from scratch. Templates ensure adherence to design standards and formats, providing confidence in maintaining consistent branding and communication within organizations.

Is Design Important for Email Templates?

Certainly, design plays a crucial role in email templates. A thoughtfully crafted design enhances the visual appeal and readability of your emails, motivating recipients to engage with your message. Moreover, an attractive design sets your emails apart, boosting the likelihood of being noticed and read amid the multitude of messages.

What type of customers use our email template design services?

Potential Digital’s email template design services are the go-to choice for business and communication teams in scale-ups and enterprises. When internal creative resources are maxed out or need innovative designs, these services come into play. High-growth companies leverage Potential Digital to expand their capacity, allowing in-house designers to focus on larger strategic initiatives while still ensuring quality designs for their teams. This approach empowers various departments within an organization to access design capabilities, facilitating the execution of projects like on-brand email templates at scale.

How long does Email Uplers take to code an email template?

If you have a ready design file, we can code your email template within an impressive 8-hour turnaround time (TAT). Alternatively, we offer the delivery of stunning hand-coded responsive email templates tailored to your brand guidelines in just 2 days.

Would you be able to help us create custom HTML email templates in SFMC?

Certainly, our expertise lies in crafting and coding custom HTML email templates specifically for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These templates are meticulously optimized to ensure optimal deliverability and engagement, all while aligning seamlessly with your brand’s guidelines. Explore our portfolio for a glimpse of our work.

Why do I need personalized email templates?

Harness the power of personalization in email marketing. Tailored emails for your loyal audience demonstrate a genuine concern for their preferences, fostering a stronger connection. By delivering content aligned with their interests, you not only enhance open rates but also boost click-through-rates, ensuring a more engaging interaction with your subscribers.


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