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Photo Editing Services

Elevate Your Brand Aesthetics with Confidence – Choose ISO 9001:2015 Certified Photo Editing Services by Potential Digital. Quality Management Aligned to Your Brand Guidelines!
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Supercharge your eCommerce Growth with Professional Product Photo Editing Services.

To thrive in online marketplaces, captivating and polished product photos are essential. Even top-quality images need adjustments to meet the diverse photo upload guidelines of various platforms. However, for businesses, editing numerous images can be overwhelming.

That’s where we come in.

By outsourcing eCommerce image editing services to ISO 9001:2015 Certified eCommerce outsourcing Company, you can trust that your product photos will receive the attention they need. Our photo editing and retouching experts use advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Adobe Lightroom, and more to ensure your product images not only look stunning but also align with the requirements of different online marketplaces, boosting sales and visibility.

With our cost-effective eCommerce product image editing services, you can save up to 60-70% on operational costs, scale your efforts effortlessly, and manage a dedicated team of photo editors with complete control.

Tailored for Your Business Success: eCommerce Image Editing Services

Our eCommerce photo editing services are designed to elevate the attractiveness, user-friendliness, and interactivity of your product listings, custom-fitted for your business success. The top-notch product images we deliver offer several advantages to your eCommerce store, including:

Our team of photo editing experts is well-acquainted with the image guidelines of major eCommerce platforms, and we specialize in retouching and enhancing your photos to elevate their quality. Explore our in-demand product image editing services, tailored to meet your specific needs:

Image Background Removal

Using advanced techniques like clipping path and image masking (layer masking, translucency/transparency masking, and alpha channel masking), we meticulously separate the object from its background in product images. We can also alter the background according to marketplace guidelines, incorporating black and white or color as needed.

Photo Enhancement and Retouching

Our professional eCommerce product photo retouching services enhance the visual appeal of your images. We focus on refining intricate details to offer end-users a more realistic view of the product, maximizing sales. Additionally, we retouch images to eliminate minor imperfections, props, blemishes, and dust for a polished appearance.

Color Correction

Our color correction and matching techniques ensure that your product appears true to life, preventing customer disappointment and reducing return rates. We restore natural colors by adjusting brightness and contrast, ensuring the color palette harmonizes with the background and props without creating a flashy effect.

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Employing the ghost mannequin technique, we enhance the presentation of apparel brands by removing mannequin parts, creating a hollow invisible mannequin effect. This technique enables us to generate 360° or 3D images, enhancing the product viewing experience without the need for real models, thus boosting sales and saving costs.

Shadow and Reflection Effects

Our retouching experts use advanced blending techniques to create shadows, adding depth to your product images. We customize various shadow effects (drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow) based on product shape, size, and complexity, providing dimension and a natural, appealing look.

Reshaping, Liquifying, and Fixing Symmetry

Leveraging advanced retouching tools, we can adjust the symmetry and proportions of the product in the image to enhance visual appeal or better suit website requirements. The liquifying technique allows precise manipulation of specific pixels without compromising quality.

Image Manipulation

Our professionals excel not only in photo manipulation but also in creative thinking. They generate innovative ideas based on product photos, incorporating creative elements to enhance visual appeal. Our services include modifying texture, tone, exposure, background, foreground, and specific objects in a particular image.

Batch Photo Editing (Cropping & Resizing)

Our batch photo editing services cover a range of tasks, including cropping, resizing, blemish removal, brightness/contrast adjustments, and applying filters. By efficiently processing bulk photos simultaneously, we assist photographers, eCommerce businesses, and individuals in saving time and resources.

Tailored eCommerce Image Editing Services for Various Industries

Our specialized eCommerce product photo editing services cater to diverse sectors, guaranteeing top-notch images optimized to boost sales. With our industry-specific expertise and meticulous attention to detail, we elevate your eCommerce store’s visibility and set it apart from the competition.

Our tailored services ensure that your product images resonate effectively within your specific industry, enhancing their visual appeal and driving success in the eCommerce marketplace.

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With over one decades of expertise and a team of 500+ photo editing professionals, we proudly serve the world’s leading brands, including Fortune 500 companies. When it comes to outsourcing product photo editing services, choosing us is a smart decision for several reasons:

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