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New Market Entry and Expansion Planning

Advancing in today's swiftly changing environment requires more than small incremental changes; it demands bold decisions and insightful moves to build for the future. The Indian economy now presents a lucrative opportunity for global businesses, investors, entrepreneurs, and growth enablers.

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New Market Entry Strategy



Holistic research on business and market, including government policies, incentives, company tax, and ownership structure.


Business and operational strategies, encompassing capital investment and financial projections.


Establishing joint ventures, alliances, or manufacturing plants, including business registration, facilities, and leadership teams.

How We Can Assist You

Our services in Indian and USA market entry and expansion strategy assist you in constructing a comprehensive framework to facilitate the expansion of your global business. We specialize in tailoring solutions to prepare you for the next phase of business growth. Rely on our expertise to craft a robust strategy for successful market entry and expansion.

Let us guide you in developing optimal sales and marketing solutions for a new market entry and expansion. Our team of experts provides insights and advice to help you create a customized plan tailored to your company’s requirements. We aid in identifying potential opportunities, targeting the right audiences, and formulating effective sales and marketing strategies for your global expansion.

India Market Entry Consultation


As an New York Company

Wholly Owned Subsidiary in New York
A foreign corporation establishing a qualifying business operation has the option to register a wholly owned subsidiary (“WOS”) in New York. The WOS serves as the preferred business entity for those seeking limited liability while maintaining complete control over their operations. It can be established as either a private limited or a public limited company. Many Small and Medium Enterprises choose to set up as a Private Limited Company, characterized by close ownership. We provide assistance in the process of opening and incorporating a company in New York.

As a Foreign Company

Liaison Office in New York
Establishing a liaison or representative office (“LO”) is a prevalent approach for foreign companies looking to penetrate the  market. The primary functions of these offices include gathering information about potential markets and disseminating information about the company and its products to prospective  customers. However, they are restricted from engaging in any commercial activities and are obligated to sustain themselves solely with remittances from their parent foreign company. Our services extend to assisting in the setup of liaison offices for foreign entities in New York.

Branch Office in New York

Foreign companies can engage in comprehensive business operations in New York by establishing a Branch Office (“BO”). A BO is authorized to conduct trading activities similar to or substantially the same as those conducted by its parent or group companies. While direct manufacturing activities are prohibited, a BO can subcontract these services to an Indian manufacturer. Our services include assistance in the establishment of Branch Offices for foreign entities .

Limited Liability Partnership in New York

A Limited Liability Partnership (“LLP”) is a unique form of partnership with distinct legal entity status and limited liability for its members. Essentially, it combines features of a traditional partnership and a private limited company. In line with promoting LLPs as a preferred structure for foreign investors, the  government has recently authorized Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in LLPs in a carefully regulated manner.

Market Expansion and New Market Entry

Potential Digital market entry strategy pertains to the global expansion sales and marketing framework. It emphasizes raising product awareness in new regions and outlines the necessary technology, resources, and services for product distribution and establishing a presence in the new market.

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Planning to Expand your business into New York markets

Our India footprint makes us the go-to partner for New York market research. We offer all qualitative and quantitative methodologies across our office network and beyond to assist you to launch in the New York market. Email us: [email protected]

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