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Amazon SEO Services Agency Driven by Results.

Offering assistance in optimizing listings to align with the most recent Amazon search algorithm update, aiming to boost organic traffic and enhance conversion rates.

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Beat your competitors with strategic Amazon store SEO services that get results.

To sell more on Amazon, it’s crucial to appear higher in search results for relevant queries. This requires a good SEO strategy and expertise. At Potential Digital Agency, our team of experts ensures that your online store gets maximum exposure and conversions through our comprehensive Amazon SEO services.

Our experts have conducted thorough research over the years to comprehend how Amazon search functions. Using our knowledge of Amazon’s ranking algorithm and a white hat SEO approach, we assist brands in achieving better rankings and sales on the top marketplace. From researching keywords to creating listings, we handle every aspect of search engine optimization to help you outperform your competition.

The Amazon SEO services provided by Potential Digital Agency contributed to a US-based seller experiencing a notable 226% surge in organic traffic.

Despite operating a successful business in home and kitchen appliances supplies, the client faced challenges in achieving online visibility and sales on major marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Their listings were suppressed on these platforms due to non-compliance with marketplace guidelines.

How We Helped ?

Gain comprehensive Amazon store SEO services and support from start to finish.

Our Amazon SEO experts are here to elevate your eStore listings, positioning you as the top choice for global shoppers. Regardless of your industry or product type, we offer inclusive SEO services covering:

Keyword Research

Utilizing advanced keyword research tools, we identify the most relevant search terms for your products. We create a list of 15-20 popular user-searched phrases for each listing and strategically incorporate these keywords to boost your product pages’ rankings in search results.

Competitor Analysis

In-depth competitor analysis is a crucial aspect of our Amazon store SEO services. We delve into your top competitors’ pricing, best-selling products, deals, coupons, and campaigns. Our findings inform the fine-tuning of your eStore’s SEO strategy, leading to higher rankings and increased traffic.

Category and Sub-category Optimization

Our Amazon SEO experts organize your products into appropriate categories and subcategories, enhancing their discoverability on relevant search queries. We analyze competitors’ listings to optimize your product pages based on targeted categories and subcategories.

Product Photo Optimization

We optimize product images for Amazon listings by adding relevant keywords and text to alt tags. This ensures your products appear when customers search for similar items. We also resize and edit images, make them mobile-friendly, and adhere to marketplace guidelines for file names.

Copywriting and Graphic Designing

Our dedicated team of professional Amazon product description copywriters and designers create search-optimized listing copies, A+ content layouts, image graphics, and other promotional materials. We follow Amazon’s guidelines to provide compelling and 100% original content, including bullet lists of features and FAQs.

Amazon Listing Optimization

We optimize various elements of Amazon product listings, including product descriptions, titles, bullet features, and prices, adapting to the latest search algorithm updates. By doing so, we aim to dominate search results and outperform competitors. Additionally, we create variations of a product in the same listing using Amazon’s parent/child functionality.

User Engagement Analysis

We analyze user engagement on your Amazon product listings by tracking metrics such as page views, dwell time, scroll depth, CTR, and conversion rate. Understanding customer behavior and browsing habits helps us optimize our SEO strategy for improved user engagement.

Performance Tracking & Reporting

Constantly monitoring your listings’ performance using Amazon’s analytics data, we gauge the effectiveness of our strategy. We provide weekly/monthly reports in your preferred formats, keeping you informed about your account’s growth. Your feedback is valued, and we adjust our strategy accordingly.

How we conduct SEO for your Amazon store - Our process

Our primary goal is to enhance product visibility, increase organic traffic, and boost conversions on your Amazon store. To achieve this, we adhere to a structured process that includes the following steps:

Requirements Analysis

We start by comprehensively understanding your project requirements. This involves auditing your store to assess the current status of Amazon listings, rankings, and product page performance.

Research & Strategizing

Our team identifies key competitors, target audience demographics, and relevant keywords. Based on these findings, we craft a customized SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Onboarding & Implementation

Once you approve the SEO strategy and keyword list, we proceed to the onboarding stage. At this point, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and initiate the optimization process for your Amazon store. The focus is on enhancing organic visibility and traffic.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Optimized listings are submitted to Amazon for approval, and we closely monitor their performance. Our team provides regular updates, sharing the results with you to keep you informed about the progress of our efforts.

Amazon Keyword Research Tools We Use

Qualities that distinguish us as the premier provider of Amazon SEO services

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Through Product Attribute Standardization, PDA assists eTailers in ensuring data consistency, enhancing coordination, and achieving savings of up to $100k.

Let’s help you Overcome Your eCommerce Challenges.

Increase your visibility to a broader audience and boost your online sales through our Amazon SEO services.

Recognizing the uniqueness of your business, we believe in tailoring an SEO strategy that suits your specific needs. Allow us to create a personalized SEO proposal for your Amazon store, aligning with your business goals and growth requirements. Contact our experts to request a complimentary SEO audit for your store by sharing your requirements at [email protected] or WhatsApp & Call: +1 (929) 777-4469

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