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Product Categorization Services

Ensure Fast Conversions Through Appropriate Categorization Taxonomy for Your Online Store.
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eCommerce Product Categorization Services based on User and Search Engine Perspective

Have you ever experienced frustration while attempting to make a purchase on a vast online store with numerous enticing products, spending considerable time and energy in search of the right item, only to leave empty-handed and dissatisfied? Would you willingly revisit such a site for future purchases, or would you seek alternatives?

The answer is evident. It’s clear that effective product categorization is crucial for any online marketplace. Surprisingly, many retailers, even major players, overlook this fact, leading to significant business losses.

Inadequate product categorization not only disappoints shoppers, diminishing the likelihood of return visits but also hinders the search functionality on most online shopping sites. Contrary to belief, assuming customers will rely solely on search functions is misguided; improper categorization or taxonomy complicates the search process, making it challenging to locate the desired products.

The good news is that Potential Digital product categorization services prevent you from falling into this predicament. With over 10 years of experience in categorizing products across various industries, such as clothing, lighting, sports, electronics, computers, bathroom accessories, medical equipment, and more, we eliminate the complexities of learning about product categorization, taxonomy, and online store taxonomy. Instead, we allow you to focus on running your business efficiently while we handle the rest.

eCommerce Product Categorization Key Features

Precision in Product Categorization and Optimized Taxonomy

It is a well-established fact that, for most online retailers, 80% of products fall into only 20% of the categories. However, our commitment extends beyond merely ensuring the accurate categorization of your products; we also focus on maintaining non-generic and balanced categories/subcategories.

Optimize Your Product Taxonomy

We optimize your product taxonomy to facilitate smooth navigation through your online product catalogs.Ensuring each category is neither too large nor too small, we aim for a balanced presentation so customers can view all available alternatives and choose products that precisely meet their requirements.

eCommerce Taxonomy Development

Developing proper eCommerce taxonomy is a core specialty. We design and periodically revise the initial site taxonomy, ensuring the right tags and categories are assigned to each product. This approach significantly boosts sales by adding pinpoint categories, using overlapping categories and attributes correctly, and ensuring the correct relationship information between products and attributes.

Better SEO Ranking

We create an optimal number of categories and sub-categories to enhance your site’s search engine rankings for specific keywords. By optimizing the ‘main’ category and first-level subcategory, we ensure the best possible ranking through keyword optimization, proper product listing, and more.

Accurate and Speedy Search Results

Placing products in the right categories and sub-categories ensures that your site’s search feature quickly and efficiently identifies the right products. This results in satisfied customers finding and purchasing the right products from your site.

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We understand that selecting the ideal company to outsource your product categorization needs can be a challenging decision. With this consideration in mind, we extend an invitation for you to experience our services before making a long-term commitment. Reach out to us today, and bid farewell to concerns about inaccurate product categorization and potential business losses, reach us [email protected] or WhatsApp & Call: +1 (929) 777-4469

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