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Enhancing Digital Presence and Scalability for IQMS with Potential Digital

IQMS, a leading Product Inspection company based in Asia, approached Potential Digital in search of a full-service digital agency to revamp their online presence and streamline their processes. The partnership began through a referral from a former client employee who had trust in Potential Digital’s expertise and processes. Understanding IQMS’s need for a robust digital strategy, Potential Digital embarked on a journey to redesign their logo, migrate their website from Wix to WordPress for enhanced scalability, and develop a web application for automating product inspection processes.


➣ Custom Web Development

➣ Wix to WordPress


➣ Logo Design


  1. Outdated Digital Infrastructure: IQMS’s existing website on Wix lacked scalability and customization options, hindering their ability to expand and innovate.
  2. Limited Brand Identity: The absence of a strong and cohesive brand identity hindered IQMS’s ability to stand out in the competitive market.
  3. Manual Inspection Processes: IQMS relied heavily on manual inspection processes, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.


  1. Brand Identity Design: Potential Digital initiated the project by conceptualizing and designing a modern and memorable logo that reflected IQMS’s values and services.
  2. Website Migration: Recognizing the limitations of Wix, Potential Digital seamlessly migrated IQMS’s website to WordPress, offering enhanced customization, scalability, and control over their digital presence.
  3. Web Application Development: Leveraging their expertise in web development, Potential Digital designed and developed a custom web application tailored to automate IQMS’s product inspection processes. The application aimed to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and reduce manual efforts.


  1. Enhanced Brand Identity: The new logo designed by Potential Digital provided IQMS with a distinctive brand identity, helping them to differentiate themselves in the market and establish a stronger brand presence.
  2. Improved Digital Infrastructure: Migrating the website from Wix to WordPress significantly enhanced IQMS’s digital infrastructure, offering greater flexibility, scalability, and control over their online platform.

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